Since 1977, Hemker Park & Zoo has turned into something special. Have a look back at our past and see just how we've grown.

  • 12/31/76

    Joan and Mark Hemker start Hemker Game Farm with their first collection of Waterfowl
  • 12/31/79

    Hemker Game Farm acquires its first pair of Whitetail deer and Black Bear.
  • 12/31/84

    Hemker Game Farm adds Pronghorn Antelope and first pair of Reindeer
  • 12/31/91

    Hemker Game Farm becomes Hemker Wildlife Park later that year adds its first six Black-footed Penguins.
  • 12/31/93

    Hemker Wildlife Park opens to the public for the first time.
  • 12/31/99

    Hemker Wildlife Park added new exhibits such as their African Safari land.
  • 12/31/05

    Mark Hemker passes away. His family makes the unanimous decision to continue on with the park being opened to the public.
  • 12/31/07

    Hemker Wildlife Park becomes Hemker Park & Zoo. The zoo adds a new picnic area. They also added a farm petting area.
  • 12/31/09

    The penguins return.
  • 12/31/11

    Hemker Park & Zoo celebrates 35 years with the arrival of a pair of rare New Guinea Singing Dogs - Gus and Lucy.