Save Endangered Rhinos

$1,369.00 1%
Goal: $100,000.00

Help us raise money for rhino conservation. Proceeds will go towards Rhino conservation at Hemker Park & Zoo and The International Rhino Foundation with the expected arrival of Rhinos in 2018.

Please consider donating at one of these levels:

Javan Rhino Level
There are 40-50 Javan rhinos left on the Earth.
Donation amount: $1000+
Sumatran Rhino Level
There are 200 Sumatran rhino remaining in the world.
Donation amount: $750 - $999
Indian Rhino Level
There are 2850 remaining on our planet.
Donation amount: $400 - $749
Black Rhino Level
There are 4860 remaining in existence.
Donation amount: $251 - $499
White Rhino Level
There are 20000 remaining at the present time.
Donation amount: Up to $250