American Badger

Taxadea Taxus

This nocturnal omnivore can be found in North America, and are incredibly strong for their size, and the world's fastest diggers. All badgers have a low slung body, shovel-shaped head and strong, sharp claws. Most are dark gray or black with distinctive white stripes down their face and sides. They all prefer sandy, porous soil and dig extensive tunnels and burrows which are called setts.The American Badger is the most carnivorous of the species, using their stellar digging skills to unearth chipmunks, ground hogs and rabbits. They have even been known to eat rattlesnakes and, during the winter, will feed on carrion. The American Badger is the least social of the badger species, preferring a solitary existence. Although a determined fighter, the American Badger does leave its territory undefended against other badgers if the hunting is good.