New Guinea Singing Dog

Canis lupus dingo

The New Guinea singing dog is a wild dog once found throughout New Guinea.

New Guinea singing dogs are named for their unique vocalization.

Little is known about New Guinea singing dogs in their native habitat. There are only two confirmed photographs of wild singing dogs.

New Guinea singing dogs are named for their distinctive and melodious howl, which is characterized by a sharp increase in pitch at the start and very high frequencies at the end.

An individual howl lasts an average of 3 seconds, but can last as long as 5 seconds. At the start, the frequency rises and stabilizes for the rest of the howling, but normally shows abrupt changes in frequency. New Guinea singing dogs sometimes howl together, which is commonly referred to as chorus howling.

During chorus howling, one dog starts and others join in shortly afterward. In most cases, chorus howling is well synchronized, and the howls of the group end nearly simultaneously. Spontaneous howling is most common during the morning and evening hours.