Sable Antelope

Hippotragus niger

The sable antelope that inhabits the wooded savannah areas in South eastern Africa.

Males are around 46-55 in. (117-140cm) at the shoulder. The females are a bit shorter. The males weigh around 518 lb. (235kg) and the females weigh in at around 490 lb. (220kg).

They form herds of around 10 to 30 females with one male known as a bull.

When the male sable antelopes reach 3 years of age, they are forced to leave the herd and form bachelor groups. The females remain in the original herd. If the original herd gets too large, it splits into smaller herds. The most dominant male in the bachelor herd is the first to join a new group of females.

Predators of the sable antelope include the bigs cats of Africa, like Lions. Often times, their attackers die in the fight due to the antelopes use of scimitar-shaped horns. Males fight by dropping to their knees and use their ringed horns.

The sable antelope's grassland habitat is constantly in danger of being converted to farmland.